Health starts with You at Home


I am a great believer in personal responsibility. You are the sum of all your past beliefs and actions. Your mental state or mind frame dictates your entire experience in life. It is only you who can change your happiness just by focusing on good thoughts and eliminating all the negativity that surrounds us. Just take for example my last few days. I have been cracking on down with my pc and working away night after night with no thought for anything else but detonating my mountain of work in front of me. I was feeling down and out and bleary eyed and just plain exhausted. What was the fix to my disturbing dilemma?

And this is a common problem faced by many of us in this super age of technology. We get too caught up in our fabulous gadgets and devastate away our whole existence in front of this damn screen called the monitor. Aptly named when one thinks of how much time we devote sitting in front of it – it effectively watches everything we do through the webcam. Facebook has hooked us all with it’s messenger app which now keeps us on pointy toes as we eagerly await the next comment or message from our “friends” that we have never actually met or spoken to in person. As if texting wasn’t bad in itself. Now we simply can’t switch off and just get our 8 hours of sleep. We are constantly kept in a state of “available” and never seem to switch off our gadgets when we head off to sleep.

And so we are sleep deprived insomniacs devoid of the peace and tranquility that those who have the fortune of escaping the urban slum enjoy when they head off on their remote camping adventures. We have become a generation of paralyzed beings chained to our office chairs and bound to serve our entire existence in front of the computer gods.

So what did I do today to break free of these chains? After over a week of torrid rain I finally got a chance to do my little runs in a park whilst I was between my jobs. Being a quiet day was all the excuse I deserved to treat myself to a bit of high intensity workout that even I have fallen behind on. This was the lazy woman’s workout 3 days a week with a day of rest in between each workout day. Our main health problems arise from not being active enough and getting out of the house enough coupled with a diet of pesticide laden chemicals in everything we consume. And so our posture gets outta whack and we’re left with sciatica pains and severe back and neck problems that so easily could have been avoided by being more active.

And then there’s the home. Yes if your place is carpeted then you have the perfect breeding spot for dust mites and every other imaginable illness lurking in our very own cozy home. This dust issue within carpets is especially devastating for asthma sufferers such as yours truly. As for those lousy diy vacuums you got from the shops – you may as well be recirculating the dust. Yes you need to get a professional carpet cleaner (we got in this top rated company to do our carpet cleaning Auckland) in to clean your filthy dust mite infested carpets. Only they have the equipment to give your stale carpets a new lease on life and break the cycle of trodden dirt. And what wonders they can do for your carpet as you see the constant flow of dirt laden water expelled from these amazing machines. Depending on how bad your asthma or other respiratory problem is you may look at just uplifting all the carpet and get back to a basic wooden floor. In the long run this is the far safer option as carpets are just a hive of problems. But I’m a lovestruck girl for that lovely caressing feel of soft carpet against my bare feet as I walk throughout the house. So this option may not be for me.

Another routine we need to follow is cleanliness in other areas of the home. Get rid of all those mazes of cobwebs spanning your home and put in place almost instantly after you get rid of one! The home is just a place great for thriving bacteria, viruses, mold and cockroaches. Ewww roaches are a nightmare – more so when they only arise from filthy neighbors around you.